Best Practice

Best Practices of School

Developing Leadership skills: The investiture ceremony was organised ‘To serve earnestly’ with integrity and commitment. The main motive was to inculcate in them a sense of responsibility towards school and peers.

Spreading awareness on Social Issues-Street plays were organised on various significant issues related directly or indirectly with the society like Child Labour, educational awareness among people, over-population or increasing pollution. It is an effective medium for social reform that ignites the minds of the general audience.

Usage of digital media to improve teaching and learning-The digital media has blurred the walls of the school and places of learning-The students of classes IX to XII made PowerPoint presentations on Sustainable Tourism, presented their innovative ideas, and brought laurels to the school. A quiz was organised for students to review their updated knowledge and awareness in the field of technology to which they responded very zestfully.

Awareness Programmes: -The students took out rallies to create awareness about cleanliness, protection of wildlife, cracker free Diwali and plantation. The different rallies stirred a positive spirit in the students to contribute for the common welfare of the society and nation at large.

Scientific skills: -The school has Space club and Robotics club to hone scientific skills among students. The Space club nurtures a young league of students who aspire to learn, grow and follow the footsteps of Kalpana Chawla and Sunita Williams. Overnight observation session was conducted to find out star constellations.

Robotics is an excellent multi-disciplinary field which ignites passion in young students towards Computer Science, Science technology, Engineering and Mathematics(CS-STEM) using ICT.

Factual Learning-To motivate students and engage them in active learning experience, students of classes VI to XII were taken for excursion to Manali and Dhillon’s Fun World, Patiala.

Health Education:-In order to insulate healthy habits among students, different programmes were organised for classes VI to XII like Yoga Day, Seminar on Healthy diet and Global Cancer awareness programme.

Exploring Literary Arcade-In order to enhance the literary skills of the students, Language Week was celebrated with full zeal and zest. Various competitions were conducted for students such as declamation contest, quiz, street play and humor poetry and calligraphy competition.

Learning Outside the classrooms-With an aim to make the students of the school learn the postulates of management and human resource, various industrial visits were organised by the school. Students accompanied with teachers went to Bonn Biscuit Factory, Avon Cycles and Freeman FMI Industries. The students learnt the practical utility of economic curriculum, management learning and coordination.

Strengthening relationships: -The best thing about being involved with festivals and events is the opportunity to help build a community, foster a sense of pride within a community and engage it.The school celebrated Basant Utsav in a spectacular manner. Several competitions were held like Inter School Folk Dance, Kite Flying, variety of games, art competition Antakshari Contest, Healthy Baby Contest and Food without Fire.

English Reading Proficiency Classes:

Wnen the students  move from Montessori Department to the Primary Department, they  feel the pressure of reading specially in English language because they don't have enough exposure to this language at home so they require an extra practice in reading of the language. In order to cater to this need of the students, the School has made provision for English Reading Proficiency class for the students of class 1 to class 3 confidently in the presence of their peers

English Proficiency Classes: 

English is the language of interaction across the world and proficiency in speaking of English is one of the basic prerequisite in modern world. In order to make the students proficient in spoken and error-free English confidently, the school is giving special attention and has made EPC classes part of the main time table. The classes IV to X have a weekly class where in the students are given opportunity to work on their language skills.

Mathematics Bridge Course

Mathematics is a subject with universal application and basic proficiency is required in mathematics in order to be a successful person. It has been found that students naturally feel afraid of the subject because they at times miss certain concepts that are taught by the teacher in class. In order to solve this problem and to make the students proficient in Mathematics, the students are being given Bridge course in classes IV to VIII where in individual attention is given to their problems. This practice helps in retaining their interest in the subject.

Learning Outcomes based Assessment 

Pre primary and Primary are the basis of Education and require extra attention and inputs. Learning is an ongoing process and normally children learn by observation. Teachers make a lot of effort by designing and presenting various activity-based exercises where in the inputs from the children are required. Normally they learn during this exercise but it is really important to assess their learning. Examinations are found to be proficient in assessing the the curriculum based questions. But in order to assess the real learning, it was decided to to find out whether they have been able to absorb the Learning Outcomes that the teachers intended to get. In this process one to one interaction and interview based method was used to to check their proficiency based on learning outcomes from Pre Primary to class 5.