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Bal Bharatians venerated diligent efforts, fighter spirit and countless sacrifices of our brave martyrs and Indian Army on the occasion of 73rd Independence Day. The spirit of freedom and nationalism was well exhibited through a spectrum of patriotic songs, dances and skits. Inter House Patriotic Dance competition was also organized to mark the day.
The cultural programme commenced with students of Unit I and II reflecting India’s contribution to the world through their tuneful songs and bubbly kids of nursery class putting a magical trance on one and all by their enchanting dance performance.

Mars House achieved first position in both Pre-Primary and Primary Wings.





Hindi Play Enactment at Bal Bharati Public School(08.08.19)

Drama is an effective and fun way of engaging students in exploration and learning about substantial matters. The students of Bal Bharati Public school enacted Hindi play ‘Social Media Mein Giraftaar Zindagi’ on 8 August 2019 in the school premises. The play wonderfully portrayed the damaging effects of excessive social media engagement on young people and the society at large.  Social media addiction is rampant and we can see a spike in mental health issues that can be linked to social media use.

Bal Bharatians beautifully featured how parents’ over involvement on social media can lead to hazardous effects on today’s young generation who take their elders as their role models. It also highlighted how attention has been shifted from real to virtual world and visible to invisible friends.




LSSC held at Bal Bharati Public School, Ludhiana(07.08.19)

Bal Bharati Public School hosted Ludhiana Sahodaya Schools Complex Swimming Competition on 6th and 7th August 2019. 231 swimmers from 21 schools all over Ludhiana came together to participate in the competition, displaying their swimming skills in varied styles – Free Style, Breast Stroke, Back Stroke, Butterfly Stroke, Individual Medley and Free Style Relay. All the events were played under various categories namely Under 12, Under 14, Under 16 and Under 19 for both boys and girls. Principal Ms Punam Dogra declared the event open and boosted the morale of the participants. All the teams participated enthusiastically and displayed excellent sportsmanship.

The swimmers of Bal Bharati Public school lifted Overall Championship trophy followed by Jesus Sacred Heart School and Sacred Heart Convent school who bagged the first runners up and second runners up trophy respectively. In Boys’ teams, Bhavik Kohli of DPS, Sargun of DAV, BRS, Piyush of Police DAV were declared Best Swimmers in U-14, U-16 and U-19 categories respectively. In Girls’ teams, Bhagya of Bal Bharati Public School, Kriti Arora of BCM Chandigarh Road and Anshika of Sacred Heart BRS Nagar were the Best Swimmers in U-14, U-16 and U-19 categories respectively.

ISA activity (Reuse to replenish)

“We need not to protect the environment. We need to create a world where the environment does not need protection.”

To foster a sense of belongingness and responsibility towards the environment, Bal Bharati Public School organised an activity ‘Reuse to Replenish the Environment’. The objective of the activity was to make the students aware of the methods of disposal of waste in different parts of the world, problems faced during the disposal and probable solutions to create a better and cleaner environment.

The event began with the display of the PowerPoint presentation prepared by the students of class IX and X. Each presentation focussed on the ways of discarding garbage in India, China and Germany, problems faced by these countries for disposal and the solutions incorporated to improve the situation and create sustainable surrounding. All the students did a research on the methodology used in the three countries. They also provided innovative ideas to replenish the environment and improve the situation.

The students of class VIII gained practical knowledge to comprehend the process of ‘Composting’, by manually digging a pit and filling it with biodegradable wastes like vegetable and fruit peels, dead and decaying leaves and twigs. To enhance the rate of decomposition some red worms were also introduced in the composting pit. The students took keen interest to understand the formation of manure naturally by the action of microbes in the soil. The students were instructed to prepare observation sheets and to visit the pit after a regular interval of time to check the formation of compost and record the data.


Tinker Fest at Bal Bharati Public School(17.07.19)

Bal Bharati Public School conducted a two day Tinker Fest-2019 on 16th and 17th July, 2019, that helped the students innovate by creating a conducive environment for learning and sharing. The purpose of the event was to develop various technical, creative, innovative and problem solving skills of students and expose them to current technological advancements.
The fest began with the inauguration by Principal Madam, Punam Dogra by words of appreciation for the efforts put in by the students. Students showcased the projects like Automatic mouse trap, Sweeping machine, Beej Balls, Generation of electricity from microbial action and many more to the students of the Non-ATL schools from Ludhiana. The arrangement of various fun games was also done to create an interactive and exciting experience for the visitors.
The second day of event of the event was marked with visit of two non ATL schools to BBPS premises. The visiting schools were Nankana Sahib Public School and Drishti Dr. R.C. Jain Public Innovative School from Ludhiana city. The guests became a part of the workshop on Robotics by Ms.Mayuri and Artificial Intelligence by Mr. Ravi. The interaction provided with useful andinformative data on robots and artificial intelligence.



Seminar on Philately(18.05.19)

Bal Bharati Public School in association with the Department of Posts, Government of India took an initiative to rejuvenate and inculcate a sense of Philately in the students of the school. A seminar was conducted in the school premises by a team from the Head Post Office, Ludhiana to introduce the audience to the hobby of stamp collection and Philately Club.

Philately Club is an innovative venture undertaken by the government of India that involves opening of Philately accounts for children in the age group 10-14 years. The account holders are informed about the launch of latest and exquisite stamps issued by the post office which can be added to their personal collection. The club also provides a platform for students to participate in competitions like stamp designing, letter writing, debate and declamations on national and international levels.

All the students of class VI and VII attended the seminar and took keen interest in the content of the presentation shown by the resource people, which introduced the students to the meaning, importance and scope of Philately. They interacted with the team and were eager to see the different types of stamps shown by them. The seminar concluded with an activity of post card writing in which students wrote messages to their near and dear ones which were posted in a letter box specially brought to the school premises by the postal department.



Trip to Dhillon’s Fun World- Patiala(14.05.19)

A one day trip to Dhillon’s Fun World, Patiala was organized for Bal Bharatians of class VI-VII on 14.05.19.It was a good break for students from their usually hectic study schedule. They were provided breakfast at Haveli, Rajpura. The students enjoyed the fabulous adventures rides which were followed by a sumptuous lunch. After lunch, they treasured some moments of merriment at discotheque where they danced on foot tapping music. A total of 243 students commuted through AC buses. It was a day filled with fun and frolic, and a heart filled with long lasting memories.  Overall, it was a rejuvenating journey beyond formal education nourishing self-education.



Bal Bharati celebrated ‘World Heritage Day’(18.05.19)

Bal Bhartians appreciated the cultural inheritance of the world in general and India in specific while they celebrated ‘World Health Day’ on 18 April 2019, organising splendorous event to acknowledge the enriching values of world’s rich and varied heritage and to illuminate students with a message to preserve world heritage as it is a vital link to our cultural, educational and economic legacies that quite literally makes us who we are.

A special morning assembly was configured where students of class X depicted ‘Pride in World Heritage’ through a blend of music and dance. The event commenced with an informative speech highlighting the significance of the day with an aim to enhance awareness of cultural heritage and to re-enforce efforts to protect and conserve it. Folk dances narrate cultural heritage, illuminating imagination and touching hearts- enlightening music, attires and traditions of a specific nation. A fusion dance was staged where dancers in mesmerising attires portrayed Indian classical dance ‘Kathak’, merging steps with western beats, depicting cultures of two nations in one performance. The event proceeded with a girl reciting a Punjabi poem on ‘World’s Seven Wonders’ flashing light on world’s wondrous cultural monuments. No cultural event is complete without a Punjabi dance that reflects the most celebrated folk dance of India that is ‘Giddha’. The audience were spell-bound and cheered the entertainers. They learnt that our culture and traditions embraces our soul and exhibits who we are.




Adhaarshila Divas at Bal Bharati Public School(16.04.19)

To invoke the blessings of the almighty and to reflect on the significant development since the school’s inception, Bal Bharati Public School celebrated “Adhaarshila Divas’ on 16 April, 2019 in the school premises. The school celebrated the auspicious day with unprecedented fanfare to commemorate the history and to revisit and reconnect with the continuing journey of the school. All the teachers and the students of senior wing gathered in the school auditorium, decorated elegantly to extend a warm hail to the supreme power. The glimpse of the practices carried out in the auditorium on the day like the path of Guru Granth Sahib, sewa and kirtan was showcased. The whole staff and the students sought blessings of the almighty while chanting the hymns together, receiving the benisons to excel in future. The students of the junior wing exhibited the exact zeal in commemorating the day. They all expressed their sentiments by participating in ‘Havan ceremony’ organised in the school premises.




Teacher's day Celebration (5.9.18)

The students of our school came together on the stage to present a special variety show on the occasion of Teachers’ Day. They extended gratitude to the mentors of society, the teachers who play an important role in transforming students into responsible citizens. The students conveyed their inner feelings of love for their teachers by presenting colourful flowers and beautiful Teachers’ Day cards adorned with captivating and touchy quotes and messages. They welcomed their gurus in a traditional way with band performance followed by Tilak Ceremony.

Manya Mehta and Jasnoor Kaur Bijjan of class VIII, the comperes of the show, won the heart of everyone present through their wonderful oratory skills.

Children of class VI-X gave vent to their admiration and gratitude towards teachers through a melodious song and their wonderful dance performance on ‘Hamein Likhna hai Padhna hai’.


Trip to Fun Island & Hussaini Wala Border(24.8.18)

A child grows better when an unrestricted environment is provided for their holistic development. Bal Bharati Public School organized a trip to Fun Island and Hussaini wala Border in Ferozepurfor the students of class VI-X.  They congregated in the morning for a daylong fun and left for destination well in time. Children enjoyed go carting, gaming, water rides, and dancing. A ray of excitement rolled over their expressions and their happiness was evident through their zeal. They explored their instincts and interests.




Inter House Dance Competition(14.8.18)

Our School celebrated 72nd Independence Day with great gusto to make the students feel proud to be born in this prosperous, historic, and multilingual country. An Inter-House Patriotic dance competition was organized for the students of Pre Primary, Primary and Senior Wing to bring out the inherent talent of the students.  The celebration was studded with cultural activities depicting the diversity of our incredible India. The students of all the four houses Mercury, Mars, Earth and Venus showcased their love, passion and reverence for the country through their amazing performances.

The day commemorated with a mesmerizing song paying homage to our country and recalling the sacrifices of great people who laid their lives to achieve freedom and make us breathe in free air. The students expressed their gratitude to Bharat Mata and awakened everyone’s feelings towards the sacrifices of our martyrs through their scintillating dance performances. The amalgamation of good and evil, the panorama and hues of festivals which incorporate the multicultural essence of India, were presented gracefully. The students urged everyone to join their hands in favour of peace, harmony, unity and prosperity through marvellous presentation of India as a multicultural and multilingual country.

Mars House lifted the winning trophy.























Trip to NASA(16.6.18-26.6.18)

Our School organized a 10-day fun filled educational trip to world’s most advanced Space Centre- Nasa. A group of 11 students from class VIII-XII, along with the Principal Ms. Punam Dogra and a teacher Ms. Pallavi Sehgal, explored the most innovative scientific techniques during the trip.
Our School made the most of this opportunity to interact with a famous space shuttle astronaut- Sam Durrance at Kennedy Space Centre visitor complex, Orlando, Florida. The complete journey of space shuttle Atlantis was described through various audio-visual presentations at space shuttle Atlantis Complex.
Besides, students also had an experiential learning of shuttle launch experience on space shuttle simulators. Kennedy Space Centre bus tour was also very informative in which they learnt how and where the space shuttles and rockets are installed, about their repair and maintenance as well as the place from where it is launched.
The group got the chance on the hands-on experience on the training of an astronaut under the ATX (Astronaut Training Experience) programme.
The visit to Magic Kingdom- Disney World was like a dream come true. The performing arts, Disney Parade and the Fireworks presentation, were some of the special attractions. The students also enjoyed all the adventurous rides at the Universal Studios-Island of Adventure.
The magnificent blend of amazing power and beauty- The Niagara Falls through the Maid of Mist boat ride captivated the students. They also saw the border separating USA and Canada.
Students also visited Statue of Liberty, One World Observatory and Madame Tussauds wax museum in Times Square in New York.

















Overnight Space Session of at Tikkar Taal (19.5.18-20.5.18)

11 students and 2 teachers (Ritu Sehra, Anil Sharma) of our school participated in an overnight session conducted by Space Technology and Education Pvt. Ltd. It was conducted for the Space Science and Astronomy Club (Module -2) members of school at Tikkar Taal where students enjoyed the magnificent views of night sky on May 19, 2018 and May 20, 2018.
As a part of very interesting sessions conducted throughout the night, students observed various constellations of the night sky, learned to use the Messier Catalogue, pointed 200mm Dobsonian Telescope towards the Deep Sky objects add observed Jupiter, Galaxies, Nebulae and Star Clusters. They clicked Astrophotography and tried their hand on Image Processing. Students enjoyed boating and adventure park activities. In nutshell, the session was very informative and interesting.


Inter House Swimming Competition(17.5.18-18.5.18)

To foster the spirit of sportsmanship and teamwork, Bal Bharati Public School organized an Inter House Swimming and Table Tennis competition on

May 17-18, 2018. The students were divided into a group of four students, two boys and two girls, for the swimming competition. The competition commenced with the preliminary rounds followed by the final heats of 25 m and a relay race.  Earth house outshined and got the first position. The team members were Jaiveer Singh (IX A), Gurkaran Singh (VIII A), Jaisicapreet Kaur (VIII C) and Tushvi (VII A). Team Mercury was the first runner up followed by Team Mars as the second runner up.

 The team for the Table Tennis competition comprised of five members from each house, girls and boys.

The Mars Team was declared first having Tamanpreet Singh (X A), Shruti Bansal (XI), Rusharth Katyal(VIII D), Palak Sharma (X B), Udai Batta(VIII D) as the members of the group. The first runner up was Earth Team followed by Mercury as the second runner up.































Inter-House Graffiti Competition(27.4.18)

To elicit the creativity of the students, Bal Bharati Public School, Ludhiana organised an Inter-House Graffiti competition on April 27, 2018. The topic of the competition was “Graffiti- Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan” and students of standard IX and X participated in the event.

The best adjudged team was Mars House team-Garima Bansal (X A) and Jasraj Chaggar (X A), followed by Earth House team- Medni Kharbanda (X B) and Omleen Kaur (X B), as the first runner up. Venus House team and Mercury House team were the second and third runners up respectively.




















Space Day (25.4.18)

BBPS, Ludhiana organised ‘Space Day’ on April 25, 2018 when students became a part of different activities to observe the splendid hues of Universe.
To start the day, a Planetarium was installed in the school that showcased the projection images of the stars, planets, constellations and other celestial objects. The simulation effect created by the show made the observer experience the huge and endless world of stars and planets.
The proceedings continued with the conduction of a session of space club members of Module-1 on the topic ‘Safe Solar Observation’. The students were taught to construct their own solar filters which were used to cover the objective lens of the telescope to view the sun. The sun could be observed very clearly with its dark spots seen as small dots. The session concluded with the observation of the sun by all the students of classes 6, 7 and 8. The ‘SUN DAY’ filled everyone with great enthusiasm and excitement.
The day concluded with an evening session of the space club members of Module-2 on the topic ‘Advanced Astrophotography’. The important features and controls of the DSLR camera were discussed during the session followed by the capturing of some fabulous pictures of the celestial objects.


 Robotics Session (April)

Bal Bharati Public School organised a session on robotics for classes VI –XI. The workshop was organised by Neo Robos Brainbox Ltd. under the guidance of three resource persons. The main aim of the workshop is to address the growing demand for teaching Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics in school and exemplifying technology directly by programming the robot. Students also learnt that how these subjects are linked together.

Students of the first group (Class VI to IX) of Module I learnt to operate PROBOT .They learnt to construct various alphabetical shapes and mathematical shapes like square ,rectangle etc with the help of  PROBOT. The students of second group (class VI to VIII) of Module II constructed Beam Balance ,which is a device for measuring the weight of something by putting it into a small dish that hangs from one end of a straight bar and balancing it with weights at the other end. The students of third group (class IX to XI) of Module II learnt advanced robotics which concentrates on an innovative, multidisciplinary approach to humanoid design and control, and the development of novel robotic components and technologies.

















Earth Day (24.4.18)

To create awareness about significance of the earth day and to help the students showcase their creative skills, Social Studies department organized various competitions i.e Article Writing for Class VI, Slogan Writing for Class VII, Poster Making for Class VIII on the topic ‘Nurture the Nature for a better Future’.
Students from Class VI-VIII actively participated in the activity and displayed their creativity and talent. The School Choir also presented a melodious group song ‘This is our world, this is our earth’ and expressed solidarity over protection and preservation of the planet and adopting a sustainable lifestyle.

The result of the competition is as follows:-

Class VI (Article Writing)    1st           Piyush            VI D

                                              2nd           Irvish              VI B

                                              3rd          Diya                VI A

Class VII (Slogan Writing)   1st          Jaskaran        VII B

                                              2nd           Siddhi             VII C

                                              3rd          Moksh             VII A

Class VIII (Poster Making)  1st          Harmeet           VIII A

                                              2nd           Siya Mehra     VIII B

                                              3rd          Isha Doda        VIII D


Overnight Excursion for Space Club Students(17.4.18)

An Overnight Excursion was conducted for the Module I Space Club Members of Bal Bharati Public School, Unit II, Dugri at Kang’s Nirvana Resort and Spa on April 17, 2018 where students enjoyed observing the magnificent views of Night Sky.
















Foundation Day (16.4.18)


Havan was performed on the day of foundation to seek the blessings of the almighty.