Safety & Security

  1. Besides modular furniture taking care of the comfort of each student, each floor has been provided with Fire Extinguishers in order to deal with any untoward incident caused due to accidents like short circuiting etc.
  2. The school has a fully functional CCTV Camera surveillance system.
  3. Security guards look after the security of the school premises 24x7.
  4. In order to provide utmost security to the children while commuting via school transport, a teacher accompanies the students in each bus. .
  5. Each bus has been provided with First Aid Kit, Cameras, Hydraulic doors, GPS systems to handle any problem during transit.
  6. School has a full time MBBS doctor and nurse to look after medical emergency/ medical requirement of the students during the school hours. Every floor has been provided with a First Aid Box to handle any emergency.
  7. All the teachers personally supervise the activities of students during lunch break, activity period, zero period and dispersal to prevent any incident of bullying.
  8. Entry of visitors is strictly checked at main gate as well as reception.
  9. Maids are deputed on duties outside washrooms to keep an eye on students activities and keep surrounding clean.
  10. The school also has a very strong Cyber Safety Policy. Students access computer rooms in the presence of teachers and technological usage is monitored by teachers. Regular workshops on cyber security are conducted.