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Python Workshop

Ms. Pritika Gandhi(PGT Computers) attended a Python Platform Workshop at Bal Bharati Public School, Ganga Ram Hospital Marg ,organised by BBPS Training Center on 15th Nov.-16th Nov, keeping in view the changes that have taken place in IP & CS Syllabus. The workshop was conducted by Mr. N.K.Gupta, Mr. Ankit Raj Pal, Mr. R. K. Pal, Mr. N. Kumar, Ms. Anamika Gupta.

Accountancy Workshop

Bal Bharatians of XI Commerce attended an Accountancy workshop on 22nd November 2019 at ‘Anand Concast Ltd.’. It enhanced their knowledge of maintaining accounts in practical life.10 students were selected on the basis of written test. Session started with Interaction with Mr. Parish Sehgal, C.F.O of Anand Concast Ltd. who cleared their doubts about Goods and Services Tax and guided them about career in finance. Process of Accounting cycle starting from identification of transaction through invoices, recording transaction and maintenance of various subsidiary books like Cash Book, Purchase Book etc., preparation of Bank Reconciliation Statement, Financial Statements to find profit /loss with the help of Tally, a computerized software was discussed. The session focused on practical knowledge of Book- Keeping and Income Statement ,followed by factory visit of the unit which is making stainless steel architectural fittings. Students had a very knowledgeable session.


BBPS Ludhiana participated in mega global event organized by IIT Bombay and  conducted Solar Ambassador workshop on 2nd OCT 2019 in  ATL BBPS premises , marking 150th  Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. The event was followed by inauguration our Principal Ms. Punam Dogra.

75 students actively participated from class 6th to 10th .

  • The objectives of this workshop were to bring awareness and sensitization of students on the severity of climate change and lack of energy access to billions.
  • Students were introduced to localized energy self-sufficiency for sustainability and its linkages to Gandhian principles.
  • Established viability of 24x7 decentralized off-grid solar solutions (experience sharing of SoULS) in which students were provided hands-on training to assemble their own solar study lamps with all technical, physical specifications of solar panels and it’s troubleshooting, testing of various lamp kit components.


Ms. Monika Sehgal (PGT Commerce) has attended Accountancy workshop on 21 September 2019 at D.A.V.Public School Sarabha Nagar Extension Ludhiana.  The workshop  was conducted by renowned resource persons and authors of Double Entry Book Keeping, CA. (Dr.) G.S. Grewal and Mr.R.K.Khosla. The topics discussed were -Changes in Syllabus for 2019-20; Changes in suggested Question Paper Design and its impact Objective Type Questions/MCQs; Writing off Discount or Loss on Issue of Debentures under the Changed Method; Cash Flow Statement -- Treatment of Proposed Dividend as per AS 4. Typical Adjustments in Cash Flow Statement; Raising and Writing off Self-Generated Goodwill; Typical issues in NPO; Conversion method in Single Entry System. Workshop was very informative and knowledgeable.                                               


Workshop on Economics 

A capacity-building workshop was organized by CBSE for Economics teachers on Aug 9 - 10, 2019 at Genius International Public school, Ropar, keeping in view the changes that have taken place in Economics syllabus. The workshop was conducted by Mrs. Anuja Sharma, Principal DAV Model School, Chandigarh. Around 40 teachers from different schools attended the workshop.

Commencing with NCERT textbook for Economics and emphasizing on teachers to be role model for students, the session gradually moved on to the topics of Micro and Macro Economics and how the same should be taught in schools. In addition, some methods were discussed to teach Indian Economic Development in class XII and to deal with the weak and bright students of the class.The methodology to teach Economics was discussed along with various activities, such as mind mapping, chunks, role-playing etc. to help students understand the lengthy concepts at a glance and break the monotony in lectures.


Workshop on Sustainability                         

Bal Bharati teachers Ms. Gurdish and Ms. Amardip Kaur attended a workshop on sustainability by Wipro’s Sustainability Education Program for Schools and Colleges, on 29th July,2019 at BCM Arya Model school. It was an activity based learning program for schools. Mr. Asish Shah was the resource person who revealed his company’s aims i.e. protection and conservation of environment as its CRS Program. After giving the fundamental information regarding sustainability and conservation of recourses, he finally recommended activities for the students. Mr. Shah explained three fields of research in the program:

  1. Sustainability and Biodiversity.
  2. Sustainability and Wastes.
  3. Sustainability and Water.

Competence Building in Psychology

A workshop ‘Competence Building in Psychology’ was organized at Hansraj Public School, Sector-6, Panchkula on July 26 & 27, 2019. It was attended by Ms. Ashwinder Kaur (PGT, Psychology). The workshop was a CBSE initiative, conducted by renowned educationists, Ms. Sangeeta Bhatia & Ms. Navpreet Bhattal. The objective of the two-day interaction was to help Psychology faculty to adopt constructivist approach of teaching and learning. It was emphasized that modern-day teaching should be learner centered, where students are actively involved in knowledge construction, rather than being mere passive listeners. Teachers were encouraged to use practical and demonstration based strategies in classroom along with special focus on experimentation, research projects, field trips, classrooms discussions and role-plays. Moreover, suggestions were given on making lesson plans on basis of Bloom’s Taxonomy that reflects a more active form of thinking and has six dimensions. According to this classification, lesson plan’s major focus should be on remembering, understanding, applying, analyzing, evaluating and creating new knowledge.




A workshop on postal life insurance was conducted at Bal Bharati Public School on 2nd July, 2019.. Rajiv Logani, the resource person gave information on various Life Insurance Plans. He introduced many new policies like Endowment Assurance, Whole Life Insurance, Convertible Whole Life Assurance, Anticipated Endowment Assurance, Joint Life Endowment Assurance, Children Policy. He also explained the advantages of investing in Postal Life Insurance. The main attraction of these policies is that it covers employees of Governments, Central and State Public Sector Undertakings, Universities, Government aided Educational Institutions, Nationalized Banks, Local bodies, autonomous bodies, joint ventures having a minimum of 10 % Government stake, credit co-operative societies etc. The schemes are covered under 80 C and give tax rebate to the insured. It was overall a knowledgeable and interactive experience that created an awareness for the better utilization of our investments.

Workshop on Training Programme for Artificial Intelligence

Ms. Pritika Gandhi & Ms. Monika Wadhwa, attended an In-Service training programme for Professional Development conducted by BBPS Training Centre, Pitampura from 20th May- 23th May. It was a four-day workshop on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

The resource person was Prof. M.M. Pant. He is a Ph.D. in Computational Physics with a professional degree in Law. After a long innings of 50+ years as an academic researcher, a lawyer and an educational entrepreneur, he is now exploring new pedagogy, technology and curricula for the future, with focus on the period heralding the fourth Industrial Age. His special focus is on mobile WhatsApp-based lifelong learning, transcending traditional education, and blending personalised and social learning. He also aware about new technology terms like digital natives, digital migrants and digital refugees. He clearly stated the difference between supervised and unsupervised learning. He discussed new interactive approaches and techniques to develop practical activity and lesson plans on AI for use in the classroom.


Workshop on the Curriculum of Accountancy 

A true learner is one who can spread the light of wisdom and knowledge from the core of his heart and mind. On 11 May 2019 a one day workshop was organised by Mr Subhash dey(the author cum publisher ) at GMT International school, new Vishal nagar kakowal road Ludhiana.The purpose of organizing this workshop was to guide the  teachers regarding the curriculum reform done in the area of the subject Accountancy. In a very magnificent and splendid   way, he discussed different types of questions for instance, MCQs, concept clarity and some current changes in the syllabus of accountancy. For classroom management, he put his utmost emphasis in courtesy and respect for the students as the students can learn things in a better way if we follow this technique. He also established the importance of NCERT books for the teacher as well as the students.

Workshop on HPV Vaccine and Cervical Cancer

A seminar was organized by Bal Bharati School on HPV Vaccine and Cervical Cancer for the girls of class VIII-X in School Library on 27.04.19. It aimed at creating awareness among girls about HPV (Human Papillomavirus) and its causes. Dr. Priyanka Gupta, Senior Consultant and Head of the Department of Pediatric Hematology and Oncology at SPS Hospital, Ludhiana, was the resource person of the seminar. She guided the students about the impact and preventive measures of Cervical Cancer and also benefits of HPV vaccine. She interacted with the students and highlighted key aspects of HPV Vaccine, HPV screening, Cervical Cancer and also Adolescent Health problems. At the end, the queries of students were answered and valuable information was gathered by the students.


Seminar on Managing Adolescence and Puberty

Bal Bharati Public School organized seminar on Managing Adolescence and Puberty for the students of class VIII-X at the school campus which aimed at creating awareness, and stimulating some introspection in adolescents to take responsible decisions in long run. Dr. Niraj Thapar and Dr. Vanie Thapar from Suman Hospital were the resource persons of the seminar.

The physiological changes that occur during puberty have ramifications in the psychological and social aspects of adolescents’ lives making them vulnerable to dicey situations. Through an interactive session, both the doctors discussed various problems of Adolescent age and associated issues like growth & development, body image concerns, health and hygiene, anger management etc. The discussion and orientation on coping with stress and managing conflicts helped students explore a universe beyond their textbooks. It was an enriching session for the students wherein they shed their inhibitions and openly sought solutions to the challenges faced by them.


Workshop on Personality Assessment

A two-day workshop on “Personality Assessment” was organised by BBPS, Ludhiana, on 24th and 25th April 2019. The main objective of the workshop was to familiarize students of class XII (Humanities) with different kinds of psychological techniques to assess personality. Ms. Ashwinder Kaur (PGT, Psychology) discussed about various objective personality tests (MMPI, EPQ-R, and 16 PF), projective techniques (Rorschach Inkblot Test, Thematic Apperception Test, Draw a Person etc.) and behavioural and performance measures to assess personality. Information was given via demonstration cum discussion method. The basic features of each method as well as their strengths and weaknesses were discussed along with demonstration of projective techniques and self-report inventories.  The students dispersed in great gratitude for the enormous enrichment.


Workshop on GST by Mr. Vishal Garg( CA)

Our School organized a seminar on Goods and Service Tax (GST) on 27 July 2018. Mr. Vishal Garg, a certified Chartered Accountant, who is practising in indirect tax matters, was the resource person. The seminar was conducted with the aim to enhance the knowledge of students about GST, a new concept prevailing in the economy and its impact on accounting treatment of various transactions. The resource person enquired about the previous knowledge of students and cleared their doubts. Concepts like fixation of GST rates, its classification and HSN number were discussed with practical examples. Students were also briefed about how the rates were implemented depending on types of transactions. Pros and cons of implementing GST were also discussed. It was an enlightening session.




Worskhop on Managing Adolescence by Dr. Vanie Thapar & Dr. Neeraj Thapar (20.7.18)

To create awareness on problems faced during adolescence and their effective management, an interactive workshop was held in Bal Bharati Public School on 20th July 2018. Dr. Vanie S. Thapar and Dr. Niraj Thapar, leading a well known infertility and IVF clinic were the key speakers for the sessions, conducted separately for boys and girls. Dr. Vanie addressed the girls while Dr. Niraj catered to the needs of boys of classes X, XI and XII.

The workshop began with the doctors stressing upon the importance of proper and balanced diet for the teenagers. Students were informed regarding the changes that happen after puberty and the need to adopt a positive attitude towards these transformations. They urged the students to develop self confidence and optimism. The adolescents were guided to stay focused and set goals for a successful future by defining priorities for a healthy and happy life.

Later, the speakers answered few questions put forward by the inquisitive listeners regarding general problems and issues they face during this phase of their life. Their queries were answered in a way relating to the daily life of the students that gave them ample understanding on how to handle their bodily and physiological changes.



 Workshop on Value Education(11.7.18)

A workshop on value education was conducted for teachers at BCM, 32 Sector, Ludhiana on July 11, 2018. It was attended by Ms. Ashwinder Kaur (PGT, Psychology). The workshop was a CBSE initiative, conducted by Mr Paramjeet Kumar (Principal, MKD DAV Public School, Attari) and Ms Vinodita Sankhyan (Principal, Shri Ram Ashram Public School, Amritsar). The objective of this workshop was to discuss importance of value education in everyday life and how it can be an integral part of usual school teaching.

The teachers were given some topics related to basic values like love, compassion, truth, nonviolence, good conduct etc. for various activities like role  plays, group discussions, and debates. Through thorough discussions and group activities, the teachers themselves tried to understand these values and the need for integrating these values into daily life.

The session was very beneficial and appreciated by all. The teachers dispersed in great gratitude for the enormous enrichment.